Inclusive Growth for Herefordshire – 12th February 2019

This forum was organised by the Diocese of Hereford and chaired by the Bishop of Hereford. The theme of “Inclusive Growth was defined thus: “Inclusive growth is a bout a more deliberate and socially purposeful model of economic growth – measured not only by how fats and aggressive it is; but also by how well […]

Launch of Vital Signs 2018 for Herefordshire – 25th January 2019

At the end of the Symposium, the Herefordshire Community Foundation launched the publication of Vital Signs, a concise analysis of the perception within the County of its strengths and weaknesses compared to other comparable areas. It includes a number of useful statistics about the County to help paint a picture. Here is a link to […]

Social Care Symposium – 25th January 2019

The High Sheriff’s symposium was held at the Shirehall Hereford on 25th January 2019. Here are the introduction, programme and bios of the speakers and panel that went out with the invitation. Social Care Symposium What is it about? Social care is the theme for my year as High Sheriff. Modern British Society has delegated […]

Visit to Longlands Care Farm, Whitbourne – 23rd January 2019

Longlands Care Farm is taking in young people, from 11 to 18 years old who are unable to engage, for one reason or another with traditional education. There is a limit to how broad a provision can be made within a school. The Evans family, owners of the Longlands Farm over many generations and encompassing […]

Visit to the Royal National College for the Blind – 22nd January 2019

We visited the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford and were welcomed by Professor Tamar Thompson, the Chair of the Board of Governors and taken around by Mark Fisher, the Principal and Lucy Proctor, the Chief Executive. Earlier in the year, we attended the celebration of the 40th Anniversary since the RNC moved […]

Funeral of Sylvia Silver of Bromyard – 17th January 2019

There are occasionally characters that play an extraordinarily large part in a community’s life and that was true of Sylvia Silver, proprietor, with her husband John, of the Falcon Hotel in Bromyard. We met this whirlwind at the beginning of our term as High Sheriff so we joined what seemed to be most of Bromyard […]

Visit to Ledbury – 16th January 2019

Laura and I spent the morning with Nina Shields, the Chair of Ledbury Town Council to talk about and understand better the town. This is home for us so particularly close to our hearts. At risk of annoying all the other Herefordshire Towns, Ledbury is practically perfect in every way, in spite of recent difficulties […]

Hereford Cathedral Carol Service – 23rd December 2018

Hereford Cathedral holds two carol services, this year on 22nd and 23rd of December. On Sunday, the Cathedral was packed and I expect it was on the Saturday too. Why? It is an occasion not to be missed. There is nothing quite like being present in the building as the music unfolds. No radio or […]

ABF the Soldiers’ Charity annual family Christmas Carol Concert – 20th December 2018

The concert, kindly sponsored by Clive and Sylvia Richards, brought together a galaxy of talent. Thee Hereford Police Choir and their soloist David Coulson, accompanied by James Macdowall-Scott and directed by Alison Houlbrooke. The Herefordshire Youth Concert Band conducted by Clive Woollard The Marches Military Wives Choir accompanied by Jack Pickford and directed by Jo […]

Royal National College Celebration of Achievement Ceremony – 20th December 2018

The Royal National College (RNC) for the Blind held their Achievement ceremony this afternoon at the Point 4 in Hereford. Earlier this year, the RNC celebrated its 40th Anniversary of its move to Hereford. It is hard to imagine the city without such a great organisation in its midst. We are lucky to host the […]