Herefordshire Community Foundation High Sheriff Awards at Eastnor Castle

We hosted this annual event on 5th March, attended by a wide range of Herefordshire guests and the board of the HCF.  Frank Myers MBE, Chairman, addressed the guests giving an update on the work for the HCF and the position of its finances, which were good.

I then presented High Sheriff awards to representatives from Aspire Living, Echo, YSS and the Avenbury Care Farm.  An Award for the Museum of Cider Hereford will be handed over in due course by Philippa Spens, the HSS Chief Executive, as the Director was unable to attend at the last minute.  Each award is backed up by a donation from the High Sheriff’s Fund, managed by the HCF.

It was a well-organised event and a pleasure for us to see the house used in a useful way for Herefordshire.

James Hervey-Bathurst