A county full of talented young people! Hereford Art College


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Part II: Hereford College of Arts. What an incredible College and talents all here in Hereford. Final shows for Contemporary Crafts BA and MA, Blacksmiths BA (best in world), Contemporary Design Crafts (BA) and Jewellery Design (BA). Some of these artists were the ‘one year on’ students whose courses were so curtailed last year. Well done to Abigail for pulling it off. Hereford College of Arts
Hannah’s wonderful ceramics, drawing on her Yemeni heritage – minarets and carved flowers on the base. @hannahadnanceramics
Ferel Smith @ferelsmithdesign has crafted an incredible 17ft Nomad canoe planking cedar strips onto each other.
Peter Walker @walker_blacksmith uses hot metal as a sculptural medium carving busts out of steel blocks.
Dante Ho @dante_the_golden_dab represents the iconic yellow umbrella from the Hong Kong protests freezing the moments his own countrymen were wounded.
And finally, Jane Kidall @janekidall represents with her fine porcellain what the archaeologists of the future may find.
So much to see and I’m only sorry not to be able to represent it all with photographs. This is just a small sample of the skill, artistry and talent nurtured in our great city.
Thank you @abigail_appleton and @del.done for hosting me at @herefordarts for @herefordanvils @ma_contemporary_crafts_ @hcadesigncrafts @hca_jewellery @visit_herefordshire