Events & Awards

Each High Sheriff is in Office for only 12 months. Throughout their year in office there are several key events.


The Declaration

The High Sheriff takes up appointment with the making of a sworn declaration in terms set out by the Sheriffs Act 1887, preferably using the revised 2020 version of the declaration as approved by the King’s Remembrancer and with the consent of His Majesty, before a High Court Judge or Justice of the Peace.

The appointment is for one year only and it is customary for the declaration to be made before the end of April each year. This event acts as a handover between the incumbent High Sheriff and their successor. It also acts as an opportunity to summarise the events of the previous 12 months in office.

Shrievalty Service

This traditional service is an important occasion in the High Sheriff’s year and is attended by the judiciary and by those who administer the law and who render voluntary service. Typically takes place in October

Shrieval Lecture

Another annual event organised by the High Sheriff and the Hereford City Recorder, whereby a guest is invited to speak to an audience on an interesting subject matter. Typically takes place in November and is a valuable way to raise funds for charity