A Hard Listen


By 2020 Tricia Thomas

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard Michelle, now in her 50’s, describing the constant violence metered out by her father to her, her mother and five siblings. Her mother managed to flee to one of the first women’s refuges when Michelle was 9, but it didn’t end there.
http://ow.ly/z7ys50ArG22 Starts at 28:50
It’s a disturbing 8 minutes of listening; how scared she was as a child, how affected she was as a teenager and how scarred she is as an adult. All these years on, it is still happening. Domestic Violence is known to be a root of criminal activity and the cost to society is estimated at £66 billion.
West Mercia Women's Aid provides a safe haven to victims in this area and has support programmes, such as CRUSH, for victims of all ages.