A visit to Court!


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Dieu et mon droit. The coat of arms for our Monarch as well as the English law courts. Apposite for the High Sheriff to spend a day in court with the Magistrates. (Luckily as an observer!) Our law is fair and firm and the process is rigorous but thorough.

Thank you to Libhin Bromley, Chair of the Bench and all the magistrates. What an amazing (unpaid) job they do; plus duty solicitors; prosecutor (CPS); defence solicitor; clerks; ushers; security; liaison and diversion officer and of course the cleaners with whom we couldn’t do without during this covid time.

Cases included drug users, child negligence, drunk drivers, adjournments, sentencing, reports, some by live video link from prison. One case ended where the magistrates sentenced the defendant to the most lenient sentence they could, only to be called “fascists” as he departed. Not fair! A visit to the cells followed..