A visit to the Mayors Parlour


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

The Mayors Parlour – me and my Mum.
Thank you Hereford Mayor Paul Stevens and John Marshall for the most brilliant visit, heavy chains, ceremonial swords, ⚔️ explanation of the Hereford crest and investigating the city charters. Look at that old old vellum in Hereford’s First Charter 1189. Hereford is an amazing and historic place – tales of knights, bishops, castles and more.
Interesting facts:
1. That real gold chain is 3kg – no wonder the Mayor can look a bit weighed down weary!
2. The First Lady mayor of Hereford was Louise Luard In 1929 that’s only 93 years ago – we have some catching up to do (mayors go back 638 years in Hereford)!
3. The Hereford Mayor is in the top of the hierarchy of Mayors in the UK.
Many more interesting Hereford facts to follow in a podcast later in the year – watch this space!