Ask for ANI


By 2020 Tricia Thomas

Domestic abuse is all around us, but we’re not tuned in to see it – maybe we don’t want to be assocated with it.

But we all need to know and recognise it, because abuse is not always easily visible. And when we do see it, even more importantly, we need to know how to react, support and signpost where to find help.

Ask for ANI’ (Action Needed Immediately) launched by SafeLives has only been operating in branches of Boots and other pharmacies for around 3 weeks. Backed by patron HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, in this short time already 20 people have reached out for help.  Click here to see the interview.

Click on this link Don’t Look Back to hear Rachel’s story. It’s harrowing – if only she had felt she could leave earlier.

Please tell people about ANI.

#SafeLives #standuptodomesticabuse

West Mercia Women’s Aid