Bench talk with local police sergeant Bex Mcdaid


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Podcast Benchtalk: Episode 8: Bex McDaid.
Have a listen to Bex who is “just another sister, daughter, partner, friend” but also she’s a Police Sergeant with the Safer Neighbourhood Team for the Hereford West Mercia Police. Although Bex was not born in Herefordshire, she finds herself very much part of our local Herefordshire Police! She never actually wanted to be a police officer, but once she found herself in the family of the police, she never turned back. Although not a volunteer, Bex goes the extra mile, her commitment to the force, despite some challenges along the way she exemplifies how being a member of the Police Force is a proper vocation – it’s really not just about the money. And she helps keep our beautiful county safe. Three top tips for visiting Herefordshire as usual!
Our bench today is in the carpark of the Hereford Police Station in Gaol Street where we hear seagulls, Bex’s radio, street noises, traffic and the occasional police siren.
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