Briefing on Hereford’s new University by Karen Usher. 19 June


By 2014 Major Patrick Darling

The New University, Hereford is at present just a concept.  However such is the enthusiasm and drive of its visionaries that it is likely to become a reality.  At its best The New University would bring to Hereford a new form of skill based learning in the fields of design, technology and science.  The teaching methodology would break the mould by being practical with students encouraged to get involved in real projects both pro bono within Hereford and for industry. Courses would include work placements as well as instruction and course work and will be specifically designed to produce graduates who have the mindset and skills to enter employment directly with the minimum of on the job training.  This form of education has been pioneered and trialled in the US at the Olin College of Engineering ( ).

The New University would go a long way to filling the High town area od the City and by bringing some 5-10.000 students to the city would make an impact on the economic and social vitality of the city centre.  Sports would be fully integrated within existing facilities where possible. For more information please visit


The New University has the support of some existing and well respected universities.  Although this is a nascent project it is one that has tremendous potential for Hereford as well as for tertiary education.  Having been privileged to a briefing form Karen Usher I have tremendous enthusiasm for the project and confidence that her drive and vision can deliver a result.

Briefing on Hereford’s new University by Karen Usher. 19 June