Coronavirus fuelled days


By 2020 Tricia Thomas

It’s been rather a strange start to a new role in these Coronavirus fuelled days, as it’s hard to see the correct path to take to fulfil my duties as High Sheriff.  But what is clear as the pandemic situation unfolds is that we have amazing people across our beautiful county, working at the front-end having to face relentless, gruelling tasks, day after day. I am aware too, we have longer term problems developing as the lockdown continues, businesses struggle, jobs are lost and tensions rise.  It will undoubtedly have a long term impact on all of our lives and for some more than others.

I realise I am limited in what I can do at present, so right now in the grips of the lockdown, my challenge is to find ways that the office of High Sheriff can help and support people and organisations – without causing any extra work for them.

So I am sending out emails of introduction and letting people know that I’m here and how to contact me, and getting to know people virtually rather than in person.

I have a Facebook page to which I regularly post articles of support to our front line services, charities and other items which may hopefully be of interest.

Stay safe and well