Day Three – RESERVES


By 2020 Tricia Thomas

Day Three of #ArmedForcesWeek
Today’s theme in Armed Forces Week is RESERVES. 

I’m learning a lot this week!Did you know that Reserves make up a 6th of the Armed Forces?

Reservists are a vital part of the Armed Forces strategy, bringing skills from civilian life and gaining opportunities to develop new ones. Reservists are everywhere in our communities, but they very often go unnoticed. They give up their spare time to undergo training and development, and take time out of their careers, so they are ready to serve when required.

Many Reservists with specialist skills have been mobilised during the Coronavirus pandemic, where their expertise has been most valuable,. These include accountants, engineers, logistical support and communication officers, all deployed swiftly to the areas of operational need.

So today we say a special Thank You to our Reserves and the support to the nation they provide.