Defence Medical Welfare Service


By 2020 Tricia Thomas

If you’ve been in hospital and are serving in our forces or are a veteran, then you will have heard of the charity Defence Medical Welfare Service. If you’re not, you most probably haven’t.
Since 1943, DMWS has been providing welfare personnel in hospitals in the UK and in all major conflicts, as well as in the community, supporting people and their families through life-changing events.
Always with a connection to the forces, the welfare officer is fully trained, and provides the missing link between the patient and their unit and/or family. It means less anxiety and isolation, improves health and wellbeing, and ensures access to services and support.
Using decades of experience, these services are now extended to Veterans and those 65 years+, Blue Light personnel, and NHS staff. Recently funding received from Herefordshire Freemasons and the Armed Forces Covenant will provide a welfare officer dedicated to our county.
Case studies highlight just how valuable is the work of DMWS
Armed Forces Covenant Herefordshire
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