Herefordshire Cyber Forum at Eastnor Castle


By 2019 James Hervey-Bathurst

I adopted cybercrime as my theme within law and order this year and was delighted that the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce agreed to hold their early-morning forum at Eastnor.  It was particularly relevant for us as we had just had a cyber attack in our business, but luckily it was not successful.

After a welcome from Sharon Smith of the Chamber, James Squire, ROCU Cyber Protect Officer of the West Mercia and Warwickshire Police, gave us an update on cybercrime and the measures being taken by the police to combat it.  Justin Neale of SN Financial Services and Jill Davies of ISO Quality Services then gave us advice as to measures we could take to protect our systems and computers.

To finish, there were roundtable discussions, with all feeling that the forum had been very useful and well organised by the Chamber.

James Hervey-Bathurst

Herefordshire Cyber Forum at Eastnor Castle