Home & Dry Water Safety Event


By 2019 James Hervey-Bathurst

This event was organised by West Mercia police at the University of Worcester Campus, Worcester.  Others involved were West Mercia Search and Rescue, the RNLI, RLSS and Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service; the Home and Dry Campaign is aimed at eliminating deaths by drowning in our area.

430 people lost their lives by drowning across the UK in 2018, including a young father in Shrewsbury and a student at the University of Worcester.  The families spoke during the event, impressing on the audience the importance of taking co-ordinated action to reduce risk in the future.

It was a well-managed and interesting event, attended also by John Campion, the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia.

James Hervey-Bathurst

Home & Dry Water Safety Event