Inclusive Growth for Herefordshire – 12th February 2019


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

This forum was organised by the Diocese of Hereford and chaired by the Bishop of Hereford.

The theme of "Inclusive Growth was defined thus:

"Inclusive growth is a bout a more deliberate and socially purposeful model of economic growth - measured not only by how fats and aggressive it is; but also by how well it is shared across the whole population and place." (from West Midlands Combined Authority).

It is thought that Herefordshire could see a period of unprecedented economic growth with the New University, NMITE, and various initiatives to attract business to the County. The question is posed "How can we make sure that no one is left behind and ensure that poverty doesn't hold back prosperity?"

We heard how "near the edge"  of destitution some families as a result of particular circumstance.

We then heard a presentation by Jonathan Smith, who co-founded Charity Futures, an independent think tank promoting the long term sustainability of charities. Jonathan is head of corporate Social Responsibility at Woodford Investment Management, a London financial fund manager. His theme was the need for charities to think like businesses in regard to all aspects of their management to survive and thrive and achieve their objectives in the long term.

We then focused on particular strategies to help ensure that no one need miss out on the opportunities to come.

Inclusive Growth for Herefordshire – 12th February 2019