Launching this week, is Just The Job!


By 2020 Tricia Thomas

Just The Job!

This is my competition for Year 6 and Year 7 students in the county.  It's a collaboration I have been working on with some of the  memebers of the Herefordshire Business Board, and it has been created to improve employability skills.

You can't be what you cant see.  We want young people to see all the possibilities there are for the future, challenging them to explore personality traits, strengths and preferences, to match to Just The Job that suits, and to think what else they might need to get there.

While the aim of Just The Job is to open a world of opportunities, it’s definitely a bit of fun. But funnily enough, when you’re older you know that the subjects and activities you engage with when you’re younger, can really help you find a rewarding job later on.

Good Luck to all participating schools, we can't wait to see your entries!