Lookabout Lovely Leominster


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Lookabout Lovely Leominster. Did you know how black and white it was? And pretty in cold February sunshine.
With thanks to the mayor Cllr John Rumsey, Cllr Allan Williams, Cllr Clive Thomas and Town Clerk Julie Debbage.
Great work of Community Wheels Leominster Tourist Information Centre, the Meeting Centre and ECHO. The band were fundraising for the Leominster Community Centre, Herefordshire, then there were the cadets, the fruit and veg and the fabulous Grangecourt Holiday Cottages Ltd.. (Cafe was buzzing).
Trip concluded with a visit to the Pavillion cafe and of course Leominster Priory with the beautiful Last Supper sculpture (made of computer keys).
Thanks all - brilliant!