Mental Health in Agriculture, at the Herefordshire Rural Hub and Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Mental Health in Agriculture was top of the agenda at the event hosted by the Herefordshire Rural Hub and Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy at the Rural Business Advice day.
The partner agencies that came together today were all about collaboration and collective activities to help those most in need. All of these groups help land-based businesses practically, financially, signposting, mental health support; and more. You should never be too proud to ask for help; not for you, nor for a friend. Our Rural Police team are also in a position to signpost those they are concerned about to these partner agencies. (And in the meantime they caught 4 thieves redhanded stealing quadbikes following a dramatic chase across the country – follow them on FB to see the full story. My hero is John Meeks obvs.)
Great work from
The Rural Hub
Borderlands Chaplaincy
FCN – Farming Crisis Network
Vennture Vennture
We are Farming Minds We Are Farming Minds
The Suicide Prevention Project (Now we’re Talking)
CLD – Strong Young Minds Strong Young Minds
Marches Counselling Service
Herefordshire High Sheriff
Taurus Healthcare