Not quite as expected!


By 2020 Tricia Thomas

20th March 2020

After 3 years of being  'in nomination', I had anticipated that like others before, my declaration as the High Sheriff of Herefordshire was going to be a grand affair. This ancient, annual ceremony was to take place in Court No:1 at The Shire Hall with around 120 people in attendance.  Following full tradition, there would be velvet, buckles, ostrich feathers, judges in wigs, mayors in chains and trumpeters - you can set the scene in your mind's eye.  Followed of course, by a drinks reception the the Great Hall

Coronavirus had a different plan.

With lockdown developing hourly, buildings and businesses closing, numbers allowed to gather dropping, a quick decision was needed

So there were 7 of us at the offices of Jermey Wilding (The Under Sheriff), in Broad Street, Hereford.  In the largest meeting room available, all trying to keep our distance, I pledged myself to the office of High Sheriff for the year. It was memorable, not for the reasons I had anticipated - and I can pretty much say the rest of my term in office has followed in the same vein!