Podcast Bench-Talk: Episode 16: Louise Taylor


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Podcast Bench-Talk: Episode 16: Louise Taylor.
Imagine how hard it is to be blind. Louise, has been blind since birth but is not defined by this disability. Hear her talk about the problems faced by blind people in our Herefordshire Community, how particularly hard it was during Covid, and of her work as a volunteer in the Building Better Opportunities programme. Employers imagine that a blind person is going to be a difficult hire – but throw that prejudice away when you hear Louise. Clearly a huge support to others in the BBO project Louise talks about her Baking a Difference project and her work on a radio station, as well as some tourist tips of attractions that really accommodate blind people (and their dogs).
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Our bench today is in HVOSS headquarters in Broad Street, Hereford – where you can also drop in to buy Louise’s cook book.