Podcast Bench-Talk: Episode 22: Daniel Lister


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Podcast Bench-Talk: Episode 22: Daniel Lister, ex-(covid)Mayor of Ross.
Life has not always been plain sailing for Daniel. A difficult childhood, his teens and early twenties were spent in halfway houses, living on the streets, drug dealing, couch surfing and more. But he found his way through eventually securing a job, then later becoming a town councillor then Mayor. His belief that doing positive things in the community helps you get over your difficulties is certainly borne out by his life. Ross (and more) must be truly grateful for his resilience and charity. It’s amazing he has time to sleep! (Plus the usual Herefordshire tourism tips)
Our noisy bench is in the Tap House in Ross – a popular local watering hole of great renown.
I was touched by his openness – an emotional podcast. Search on any podcast platform to hear it.
Thanks as always to Rural Media🙏🏼