Police Patrol – 31st January 2019


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

Superintendent Sue Thomas, Senior Police Officer in Herefordshire, arranged for the two of us to go out separately on patrol (after attending a drugs briefing). I was assigned to a patrol in Hereford while Mrs High Sheriff went to Ross-on-Wye.

Details of our patrols would not be appropriate but were full of excitement of the unwanted kind, all grist to the police mill. In Hereford, one simple incident involving one person absorbed an enormous amount of time and police resource looking after the welfare of this person. I rapidly put away any preconceived ideas of how the police deal with those who are behaving dangerously and antisocially. The patience of a saint would have been tried but the police kept their cool in the face of considerable provocation. The person concerned was well know to them and I was very impressed by the humanity in which he was treated. Even the High Sheriff got to know this person at close quarters by the end. All quite friendly!

Meanwhile Mrs. High Sheriff witnessed an arrest in Ross. We all arrived back at the custody suite at the same time where the booking in process bends over backwards to look after welfare.

We then went to Ledbury Police station to join  two farm crime patrols, in cooperation with neighbouring forces. The criminals did not seem to like the snow that started to fall in earnest so we did not see much suspicious behaviour.

We returned to Hereford for a final debriefing in the small hours of the morning. A very interesting day spent.


Police Patrol – 31st January 2019