Street Pastors/Vennture, Hereford


By 2019 James Hervey-Bathurst

The Hereford Street Pastors patrol the centre of Hereford on Saturday nights and any other party nights to help young people as required, but usually as they are returning home after enjoying themselves in one of the city’s bars or night clubs.  They provide a very useful service which fills a gap where no criminal offence is being committed, but some intervention by responsible people is needed.

Lucy & I met the team after our visit was arranged by Steve Sully, Night Time Economy Leader.  We saw the premises used where those unable to get home are taken for shelter and recovery, the Lean on Me supervised recovery facility, and were fully briefed before setting off with the two patrols.  We covered every bar and club, and it was clear that the Street Pastors are well known and respected amongst the staff so that they are alerted if there is anyone likely to be in difficulty.

Our night was relatively quiet, but we spoke to several party goers and distributed quite a few pairs of flipflops to girls whose high heels were proving a challenge on the homeward journey.  Earlier in the month, a drunken partygoer had collapsed in an alleyway and been rescued before hypothermia had set in, a more dramatic incident, but not uncommon.

The Street Pastors are a valuable voluntary organisation and thoroughly deserve their Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.  Hereford is safer place as a result of their hard work.        and

James Hervey-Bathurst

Street Pastors/Vennture, Hereford