The Adam Darnley Memorial Lecture – 12th October 2018


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

This first Adam Darnley Memorial Lecture was given by the Right Honourable Sir Andrew McFarlane, for the benefit of the Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust, for which Adam did so much, .

Sir Andrew McFarlane has just been made head of the family division. However, as a man of many parts, his lecture was about what it means to be the Chancellor of a Church of England Diocese (in his case – Exeter).

He was concerned that the subject might be dry and tedious. He need not have worried. In his hands, it was anything but. Somehow he made it amusing, not least with anecdotes of some of the funny situations that a Diocesan Chancellor is called to adjudicate.

Please consider supporting the Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust which provided funds to help keep in good order and useful the extraordinary legacy of lovely churches that our ancestors have bequeathed us. Here is more information.

The Adam Darnley Memorial Lecture – 12th October 2018