By 2014 Major Patrick Darling

One of the great privileges of being High Sheriff is to see so much of the work of the unsung heroes of the county; those who give freely of their time and energy to make Herefordshire work. Their impact may be small individually but collectively it is these volunteers who make our county such a special place in which to live. They may run village halls, football teams, youth groups, fishing clubs, local charities, churches, agricultural societies, meals on wheels or any of the other the other tasks that need the dedication and leadership these people quietly and consistently provide. I salute them and thank them for the difference they make. If any one reading this is short of a New Years resolution, then why not resolve to get out there and help to improve the lives of others by putting something back into the community.

This time one hundred years ago many volunteers in the Herefordshire Regiment were in training awaiting their call to Gallipoli. They sailed on 16th July 1915 landing at Suvla Bay. Christmas time must have been gloomy then with around 1,000 lost from the Worcestershire Regiment in the Battle of Ypres and the Loss of HMS Monmouth and around 800 crew at the battle of Cornell off the Chilean coast. This was the war many believed would have been over by Christmas. Herefordshire’s involvement will be recognized at a series of events around 8 and 9th August including a service in the Cathedral. The sacrifice of those who lost their lives was made for us; let us resolve to be worthy of this.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Patrick Darling

High Sheriff of Herefordshire.