The Leominster Civic Service – 29th October 2018


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

The Mayor of Leominster, Councillor Jenny Bartlett, held her civic service in the Priory in Leominster. This is a church that is worth a special visit at any time. Look here.

A well designed service included beautiful singing by the Honey Brook Singers from Ivington School and a sermon from The Revd Prebendary Michael Keen that made three main points. Firstly, he thanked all civic leaders for their service. Secondly, he called for civilised discourse between people, particularly politicians, who disagree so that they find the compromises that a democracy requires. Thirdly, he called for brave leadership in dealing with what 97% of scientists agree is a looming man made climate change crisis.

Very good cakes after the service too!

The Leominster Civic Service – 29th October 2018