Vennture Student Graduation


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

It would be impossible to overstate what a great charity this is. Its origins go back to 1856 when the then vicar of St. Peters' in Hereford and his sister, Amelia, set out to help in a number of ways struggling families in the city.

Today (to steal from their web-site) Vennture remains a Christian cross-church initiative true to John and Emelia’s original vision of loving those who are marginalised or vulnerable. Their work relies on an army of rigorous trained volunteers, incredibly diverse (from retirees to students) but all who share a passion to make a difference by ‘Loving people better.’

This is put into practise in a number of ways. They run teams of Street Pastors helping people who get into trouble on the streets at night. The Street Pastors may have to pass people on to the  "Lean on Me" volunteers to access their needs. They may otherwise end up at the police station or the hospital. The Ambassadors help people out and about during the day. Their Family Pastors help people at home.

These volunteers are given considerable responsibility to make decisions about people's needs and they go through a rigorous training. Today, new volunteers, having been through this training were "passed out" and given certificates by Paul Deneen on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant and Street Pastor tea-shirts by the High Sheriff.

Do find out more with this link to their web-site.

Vennture Student Graduation