Visit to Hereford & Ludlow College – 27th March 2019


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

Next door to the Sixth Form College is the Herefordshire & Ludlow College. On the web-site is listed three campuses - Hereford, Ludlow and Holme Lacy.

Hereford, which used to be what was called a Technology College, offers a wide range of courses well beyond technology in the old sense - full and part time, Higher Education, Apprenticeships and Short/Hobby as well as distance learning courses. Its facilities are of the highest standard. Again, as we went around, we sensed an vibrant energy from staff and students.

Ludlow College is a Sixth Form college but also offering part time Adult and Leisure Courses.  with its own prospectus and web-site here.

Holme Lacy offers land based courses on a 257 acre mixed organic farm.

The Principal, Ian Peake, is proud of the College and believes that he has a formula that makes the College successful and is looking to expand this elsewhere. Everything that we saw would underwrite that belief. Mrs High Sheriff was keen to enrol the High Sheriff as soon as possible.


Visit to Hereford & Ludlow College – 27th March 2019