Visit to Hereford Sixth Form College


By 2013 Bob Tabor

Bob and Bea were invited to visit Hereford Sixth Form College on Wednesday, 5th February by the Principal Dr Jonathan Godfrey.  Dr Godfrey welcomed them on arrival and they joined him in his office for a briefing.  Bob and Bea were keen to understand how the Sixth Form College had gained such a high reputation.  Dr Godfrey explained the history of the Sixth Form movement and that Hereford is now celebrating 40 successful years.  He then outlined his philosophy and the structure of the College and discussed the various courses being offered and the results achieved.  It was also noted that Hereford Sixth Form College is listed in the Good Schools Guide.

Some more unusual courses offered for A Level students include Archaeology and Geology.  Alongside A Level courses each student follows a General Education Programme which includes careers education, personal finance, healthy living and environmental sustainability.  The Music Scholarship Programme offers the best training to a professional standard.  They have wonderful sports facilities and newly refurbished buildings.

Dr Godfrey then took Bob and Bea on a tour of the impressive facilities.  They left realising that this is a really good place to learn and that there is a genuine feeling that students want to learn and engage.

Visit to Hereford Sixth Form College