Visit to Ledbury – 16th January 2019


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

Laura and I spent the morning with Nina Shields, the Chair of Ledbury Town Council to talk about and understand better the town. This is home for us so particularly close to our hearts. At risk of annoying all the other Herefordshire Towns, Ledbury is practically perfect in every way, in spite of recent difficulties of governance.

We were given a tour of the recently restored Master’s House, originally the home of the Master of St. Katherine’s Hospital. Here is a link to this fascinating building, still doing good service in our times as much as several hundred years ago.

Ledbury is a “must visit”. It is the gateway to Herefordshire, God’s County. There are a number for links for more information here and here with some history here.

For the most up to date info see You-Well here


Visit to Ledbury – 16th January 2019