Visit to Megan Baker House


By 2013 Bob Tabor

Bob and Bea visited Megan Baker House in Leominster on Tuesday 8th March 2014.  The visit was organised by Lee Gough, Chief Executive and Lee, along with Zoe White who is the Office Manager, met Bob and Bea when they arrived.  They were shown around the wonderful facilities at Megan Baker House which offers free Conductive Education Services for children, teenagers and adults with special educational  needs and physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, head injury, stroke etc.  Bob and Bea met staff and users and had a very happy time talking to the  brave children who are helped by Megan Baker House.

Bob and Bea were greatly impressed by the work carried out at MBH and the kindness and dedication of the staff.


Bob at Megan Baker House

Bea at Megan Baker House

Visit to Megan Baker House