Visit to St Michael’s Hospice, Hereford


By 2013 Bob Tabor

Bob and Bea visited St Michael's Hospice in Hereford on Wednesday 26th February 2014.  They were greeted by Mrs Nicky West, the CEO and Jane Mason, Head of Nursing.  They were introduced to Alastair Walshe, Chairman;  Tony Blower, Medical Director; Jean Fisher, Head of Education and Stephen Rabbitts, Head of Support Services.

Jane Mason then took Bob and Bea on an extensive tour of the Hospice where they met and chatted to the patients, staff and some of the volunteers.  There was a special introduction for those members of staff who had worked at the Hospice for thirty years.

Bob and Bea were deeply moved by the dedication and kindness of all the staff and volunteers and the general atmosphere and strong morale of the patients.  It is a truly wonderful facility and provides a vital service for Herefordshire.  It was summed up for them when talking to a patient who uses the Hospice one day a week when he said that "his weekly visit to the Hospice was the highlight of his week".

Herefordshire can indeed be immensely proud of St Michael's, the care that it offers and those who are employed and for the many volunteers from throughout the County.

This is St Michael's Hospice 30th Anniversary Year and they are in the process of redeveloping the buildings at the Hospice following the receipt of a large Department of Health grant and wonderful fundraising by supporters of St Michael's.  Bob and Bea were shown plans of the new development and were able to see the building work.

Visit to St Michael’s Hospice, Hereford