Visit to the Green Dragon – 29th January 2019


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

The Green Dragon in Hereford, in the past a key social centre for the city, is under new management, and one with great plans to restore the hotel to its former glory. We were shown around by Julian Vaughan and Christian Dangerfield who led the local consortium that had bought the hotel. Julian has spent much of his working life in the hotel industry. The acquisition was announced thus by the Hereford Times last August. The restoration is now well underway but it is still open for business.

We were shown around upstairs and down. There is much that needs to be done but the basic layout is fine. There are a number of interesting features including the Judges' Room where the judges used to meet for a good lunch between court sittings some time ago now (i.e. 19th century and before!). We were accompanied by a present day Crown Court Judge who seems a little wistful for days of yore.

When it is finished, there will be a range of different watering holes for people to enjoy. The Ballroom will be able to host great parties. The rooms upstairs are undergoing complete refurbishment to make it a comfortable place to stay. With the expansion of Hereford business and education, the city will need more accommodation.

May it thrive.

Visit to the Green Dragon – 29th January 2019