Visit to Wye Valley NHS Trust – Trauma Injury Services


By 2013 Bob Tabor

Bob and Bea were invited by Mr Mark Curtis, Chairman of the Wye Valley NHS Trust to visit Hereford County Hospital on Wednesday, 19th March 2014.  The visit was organised by Val Jones who structured the morning so that Bob and Bea were shown the trauma injury services operated by the hospital.  The Trust were conscious of Bob's work on road safety during his year as High Sheriff and felt that the trauma injury services would be of most interest to Bob and Bea.

They were welcomed by Neil Doverty, the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chairman of the Trust who brought them to the A & E Department where they met Dr Jules Walton, Head of the Trauma Network.  They were introduced to staff who explained the work carried out in the Trauma Unit and the problems faced.  Mr Christos Paliobeis, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon joined them and this was followed by a visit to the Redbrook Ward where they met the Sister of the ward, Sharon Wood and the Head of Surgical Nursing, Catherine Davies.  They had an opportunity to say hello to patients and to see the wonderful work being carried out by the staff.

Bob and Bea then finished their visit by having lunch with Mr Curtis in his office where they discussed the work of the Trust.

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Visit to Wye Valley NHS Trust – Trauma Injury Services