West Midlands Shrieval Service – 9th October 2018


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

And so to Birmingham where the legal service was held in Birmingham Cathedral. This is an unusual baroque building consecrated in 1715. Learn more here.

The West Midlands High Sheriff has a rather different job to the neighbours because the population that the office covers is several times that of its nearest neighbour. It is the centre of the judicial system in the West Midlands. As such, the High Sheriff has a lot of judicial entertainment to do.

This was obvious to the visiting High Sheriffs when the procession formed up. The judicial system is kept very busy.

An aspect of the service stood out. At one point, all those concerned with the Administration of Justice were asked to stand by the Precising Judge of the West Midlands circuit (which covers all the counties whose services we attended), The Honourable Mrs Justice Carr, who then invited them to pledge an Act of Dedication as follows:

We pledge ourselves, as those concerned with the administration of justice in this County, to work with all our hearts, and all our minds, and all our strength for the good of its people and the well-being of its society. May God give us the wisdom to discern trust and justice, the courage to uphold them, and the humility to seek no other reward than that his will be done.


West Midlands Shrieval Service – 9th October 2018