Angela Pendleton-Leominster Mayor 180516

For someone who was born and educated in the county, it was a great honour to be nominated as High Sheriff for the county of Herefordshire for 2016/17.


For over 50 years I have been practicing in the property industry in Herefordshire and the surrounding counties. I feel privileged to be working in one of the most beautiful rural areas in the United kingdom; that is why I am so passionate about expanding our county, not only the cathedral city but also creating jobs in all the market towns so that we can maintain our unitary authority and control of this beautiful county.


The office of High Sheriff has been held for over 1000 years and is the oldest office of the land, except for the crown, and in the ceremony, which was held  at The Shire Hall, the incoming High Sheriff has to read a declaration stating that they will truly serve the Queen’s Majesty in the office of High Sheriff of the County of Herefordshire, and do right as well to poor as to rich in all things belonging to my Office; I will do no wrong to any man for any gift, reward or promise, nor for favour or for hatred. Also, I declare that I will not contract for or grant for reward or benefit by myself, or any other person for me, all for my use, directly or indirectly.


These are very powerful statements and history has shown that the High Sheriffs played a very important part in the preparation and the signing of the Magna Carta, which we have the 1217 copy in our cathedral which was used by the pilgrims going over to America to form the basis of the American constitution.


Of the 64 articles, 32 form part of the role of the High Sheriffs. It is my aim over the next year, with the support of Gillian, my partner and family of William, Matthew, Claire and Logan to uphold the principles which have been created over many years for the High Sheriff of the county of Herefordshire.