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Herefordshire Armed Forces Day – 30th June 2018

Leominster Town Council hosted the Herefordshire Armed Forces week culminating in a day of activities with military stands and stalls, marches, drills and displays, vehicles (this HS liked these a lot) and more. Patrick Wrixon, representing Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire took the salute at a march past. The sun shone and it was […]

Herefordshire Armed Forces Week Charity Concert in the Priory, Leominster – 29th June 2018

On the eve of Armed Forces Day, Leominster hosted a concert that featured the Herefordshire Junior Youth Choir, Keri Hoffman (a magnificent Leominster born voice), the Marches Military Wives, the Three Tenders (great name for three members of the Hereford Rail Male Voice Choir), and the Leominster Community Choir (the Mayor of Leominster slipping from her […]

The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire’s Garden Party

All the current High Sheriffs have been lucky to have such wonderful weather and the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire was no exception. Again, the neighbours were asked to join the party and meet another group of people dedicated to doing good in their community.

The High Sheriff of Worcestershire’s Garden Party

In glorious sunshine, the High Sheriff of Worcestershire held a party for the people who make Worcestershire work as a County. He was kind enough to ask his neighbouring High Sheriffs along. It is a great opportunity to meet others involved in civic duties, law and order and the other services that are essential to […]

Armed Forces Flag Raising Day – 25th June 2018

This is an important part of the acknowledgement of the importance of our Armed Forces and the bravery and dedication of its members, leading up to Armed Forces Day on 3oth June. This ceremony took place with dignity and precision in High Town in Hereford.

A service to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the move to Hereford by The Royal National College for the Blind – 24th June 2018

A special civic service was held to celebrate this important landmark. Hereford is proud to be home for the Royal National College (RNC). As always, the Cathedral created, with the College, a beautiful and apt service for the occasion. We are looking forward to a visit to the College during the year.

The Unveiling of the Sculpture Plinth at the Hereford Skate Park - 22nd June 2018

The Unveiling of the Sculpture Plinth at the Hereford Skate Park – 22nd June 2018

Wikipedia has a list of public art works in Herefordshire which is good but this new one at the Skate Park is not there! The Skate Park Web-site does not feature it. We watched the skate-boarder perform ankle-twisting feats. They happily ignored the civic signatories unveiling the statue and who can blame them. So I […]

Tour of Hinton and Hunterdon wards in Hereford – 21st June 2018

As part of a programme to get to know our County better, Councillor Chris Chappell gave us a tour of his ward in South Wye, with particular focus on the social centres of Hinton and Saxon Hall. We have previously visited the Kindle Centre which also plays a key role in the community, (see post […]

Meeting with Herefordshire Police -21st June 2018

This was an informal meeting and tour of Herefordshire Police Station. The Police Force took over active responsibility for bringing criminals to book from the Sheriff of the county in the early 19th century. Thus, working with the police is a central part of the role of High Sheriff. This will be one on a number […]

Civic Fabric – Skills, Sustainability and strong futures for Culture – 19th June 2018

Rural Media organised a conference at the Left Bank in Hereford. They work with the Brightspace Foundation who work for our county under the banner of “Herefordshire’s a Great Place”. The conference had presentations and panels covering wide range of cultural interests. The emphasis was on collaboration and partnership and the key role of volunteers. […]