Leominster Town Lights Carol Service and Switch on – 24th November 2018

The Town of Leominster  held their Town Lights Carol Service in the Priory before a procession to Corn Square for the turn-on of the Christmas lights.

Luston Primary School sang “Knock, knock, who’s there?”

Leominster Primary School sang “I want to see your baby boy”

Ivington Primary School sang “Gabriel’s message”

Stoke Prior Primary School sang “Sleep quietly my Jesus”

Kimbolton Primary School sang “Follow that star”

Earl Mortimer College sang “Grown up Christmas list”

The congregation too sang four well know carols and made a good job of it. There were readings and poems and prayers.

Finally we all said in a loud voice “May the lights of Leominster and the light that is in each one of us shine out to brighten our town and each other this Christmas.” That goes for all of in Herefordshire and everywhere.

A procession took us to Corn Square where there was a stage with singers and dancers (braving the cold) before the big count down to the switch on. Leominster became a blaze of light.