A service of Remembrance & Hope for those affected by Road Traffic Accidents – 18th November 2018

All too often, we read of a dreadful car accident in Herefordshire and elsewhere, with many killed or injured and many other left dealing with the consequences – grief, caring for the long term injuries, both physical and mental. Previous engagements have included events dedicated to trying to prevent these accidents. A previous High Sheriff focused on the issue. Too many people in our community are living with the aftermath.

As its title suggests, this service has two aims. To Remember those who have died in such tragic circumstances. To bring Hope to those living with the consequences and help them come to terms with the awful twist of fate that has befallen them.

God’s world is a multifaceted creation. It is capable of creating tragedy, from a human point of view, as circumstances come together to set the scene for disaster, sometimes but not always the result of human folly. It is also a creation of quite stunning beauty and we are uplifted, strengthened and inspired. The Cathedral offers a window into this aspect of God’s creation and offers the hope that  those who have gone before us are ultimately sharing in it.

Hopefully, those attended left with a lighter step than when they arrived. We did.