Breakfast Meeting and Talk by Robert Thomas

Bob attended a Breakfast Meeting and Talk at Pengethley Manor Hotel in Ross-on-Wye on Friday 4th October where the speaker was Robert Thomas.  Robert is Lead Executive for Herefordshire Vennture (formerly Hereford City Mission) which was founded in 1853 by local philanthropist John Venn and employed some of England’s first social workers.

Street Pastors is Vennture’s first project.  In 2012 West Mercia Police invited churches to set up Street Pastors to reduce the very high level of 16 – 24 year olds falling victim to crime at night time.   They aim to halve the number of young people falling victim to crime and the number of unnecessary A & E admissions by providing practical care to people out at night time.  Street Pastors are unpaid volunteers from all walks of life.  They undertake 50 hours of professional training each year and go out on to the streets between 10pm and 4am one night a month.