Duchess of Cornwall visits Jamie’s Farm

Friday 26th May 2017
Our third Royal Visit of my term of office – Herefordshire is doing very well! This was the visit by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to Jamie’s Farm, near Rowlestone, of which she is Patron. Jamie’s Farm is a splendid initiative, which helps disadvantaged children to flourish at home, in education and in the community through an intensive week-long immersion in rural life. “Farming, family and therapy” is the theme, and the care and commitment of the staff is really something to be seen.
After the Duchess’s arrival and the presentations, I toured the farm with Emma Thacker-Vuts, the Senior Visit Coordinator, and we moved from cookery to woodwork, vegetable gardening and ponies, and past the cattle and sheep. In each area, the very high staff/young people ratio was crucial in increasing self-confidence and the ability to engage and contribute.
Jamie’s Farm now welcomes more than 700 young people a year, and in addition to a farm in Bath and the one in Rowlestone is about to open another near Monmouth. I especially enjoyed meeting a range of volunteers who support this endeavour (and sampling some of the snacks I saw the young people cooking earlier!).
This was a wonderfully happy occasion, in brilliant sunshine, at the end of which HRH unveiled a plaque marking the opening of this Herefordshire Farm. Jamie’s Farm performs a unique and invaluable role. There will be an Open Day later in the year – do look out for it.