Gloucestershire Legal service and Declaration of the new High Sheriff – 24th March 2019

Gloucestershire do things differently. They hold their legal service in the Spring and incorporate the Declaration of the new High Sheriff into the service. This all takes place in the magnificent Gloucester Cathedral.

So we joined a long procession from the Courts to the Cathedral as visiting High Sheriffs alongside Judges of many colours, the Mayor and Corporation of the City of Gloucester, Lord Mayor of Bristol and other visiting Mayors, Chief Constable, Magistrates, a panoply of dignitaries.

Charles Martell, the outgoing High Sheriff handed over the badge of office of Gloucestershire High Sheriff (a special one for the County of which I am somewhat envious) to Charles Berkeley, of whom the Dean in his address mentioned that he is one of the few whose name and address is the same.

We were then well fed in the Chapter House by Emma Gawlick, caterers whom we know well.