Herefordshire Council AGM lunch

Friday 19th May 2017
Lunch following the Annual Meeting of Herefordshire Council. The Council meets every three months or so rather than once a year, of course, but this meeting begins the Council’s formal year, with the election of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, and the Leader of the Council, and the appointment of Councillors to Committees, in which much of the Council’s work is done.
The lunch, hosted by the re-elected Chairman of the Council, Brian Wilcox, took place in the Great Hall of the Bishop’s Palace, with rather daunting portraits of former Bishops looking down on us. I sat between Brian Wilcox and Tony Johnson, the re-elected Leader of the Council. It was an excellent opportunity to talk over some of the challenges facing the County and local government. I wish the Council the very best in its work serving the people of our County.