Herefordshire Group Training Association – Annual Apprentice Awards Evening

The HGTA is the champion of vocational training in Herefordshire, with over 550 apprentices training with companies where they learn engineering, business administration, customer service, accountancy. Others can also attend courses on management, leadership and first aid, so that a total of 2000 people have passed through 250 different courses in the last 12 months.

The Annual Awards evening was held on 13th November at the Courtyard and was very well attended by apprentices, their families, families and employers. The Chairman, David Goldsmith, and Chief Executive, Nigel Morgan, hosted the event, and the guest speaker was the explorer, Belinda Kirk There was a real buzz at the reception beforehand, and everyone seemed very enthusiastic about the excellent training offered and the achievements.

The HGTA offers a top-class service across Herefordshire and clearly deserves its OFSTED Outstanding rating.

James Hervey-Bathurst