Herefordshire Showcase Exhibition )European Parliament – 19th February 2019

Anthea McIntyre, one of the West Midlands members of the European Parliament, who lives in Herefordshire, persuaded the European Parliament, as part of their outreach programme, to sponsor a group of people from Herefordshire to go over to Brussels and set up an exhibition in the European Parliament to showcase Herefordshire. The Exhibition was put together by the creative student at the Hereford College of Arts. It was a number of 3 dimensional stands each illustrating some particular aspect of Herefordshire. There were other similar exhibitions in the building but the Herefordshire one was easily the most imaginative and memorable. There was a good attendance and a number of us spoke about various aspects of the County. The High Sheriff had to pack into five minutes, the history and geography of the County as well as what a High Sheriff is.

At the time of typing, the future of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union is anybody’s guess. The message from Herefordshire is that we are open for business to anyone and will welcome all whatever happens.