Inauguration Parade of 10 Platoon, E Company. 6 Rifles

On 22nd April a Parade was held at Suvla Barrack to mark the rebadging of the Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry Troop to become 10 Platoon, E Company, 6 Rifles.  Both Commanding Officers witnessed the Parade and the Lord Lieutenant took the salute.  In her remarks she drew attention to the long history of a Herefordshire infantry based military presence at Suvla Barracks and the pride that the city and county took in their record.  She hoped that the association would continue to flourish. The Commanding Officer of 6 Rifles, in welcoming the Platoon back into the fold, spoke of his optimism and confidence in the new army structure for integrated reserves and for how much he valued the return of 10 Platoon.