Lean On Me student graduation – 7th February 2019

The young people that are the Lean on Me teams that are at Emilia’s Place in Union Street ready to look after the worse for wear (for a wide variety of reasons) on a Friday and Saturday night, undergo a rigorous six month training before “passing out”. This was their graduation ceremony. The Lord Lieutenant gives each successful student a certificate and I give them their Lean-on-Me tee-shirt (a fine division of labour).

We heard from a past student of their experience and how it boosted their confidence to be able to deal with a wide variety of tricky situations. Superintendent Sue Thomas, Senior Police Officer in Herefordshire told us how grateful she is that the team so often prevent the escalation of matters to a level requiring intervention by the police.

Vennture continues to be one of the most impressive charities with which we have had some involvement so it has appeared a number of times in this blog. Here is a link again.