Police Patrol in Hereford

On the evening of Friday, 20th December 2013 Bob arrived at Hereford Police Station at an appointed time and was met by Inspector Barnett.  After a short introduction Bob was taken to the Briefing Room and introduced to the Police and Community Support Officers who would be working during the night.  He was then taken to see Superintendent Ivan Powell who gave a short presentation about policing in Herefordshire before leaving to start a patrol.  The first visit was to Herefordshire Vennture where Bob met Robert Thomas who was briefing his volunteer pastors who would be working in coordination with the police during the evening.

Bob accompanied Superintendent Powell on his patrol through the streets, visiting the pubs and clubs of Hereford City.  He was also shown the CCTV police hub and saw how  efficient the system is in helping the police maintain order.  He was extremely impressed by the dedication and effectiveness of the police officers on patrol in Hereford ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the public and businesses involved in the nighttime economy in the City.  He saw the highly effective cooperation between the West Mercia Police Force in Hereford and the nighttime economy businesses in the City.