SAS Memorial Sculpture & Window

Saturday 8th April
The first hourly prayers in Hereford Cathedral were the occasion for the first viewing of the beautiful SAS Memorial sculpture and window in the South Nave. Ascension, funded by the SAS Regimental Association and public donation, celebrates the unique relationship between the SAS – “our Regiment” – Hereford Cathedral, the City, the County and the Diocese. The window is nine metres high with 3,000 pieces of glass in 40 different colours, and the sculpture uses stone from Brazil, Scotland and Belgium. At the base is the SAS regimental badge and motto, with the lines from The Golden Journey to Samarkand always associated with the Regiment. It was a great pleasure to talk to the sculptor, John Maine RA, and to hear more about the making of the memorial and the concept that he has so triumphantly realised. You can see more about the Memorial at, but do go and see it for yourself.